Welcome to Fischgut-Primus Anlagenbau

We are glad to be able to welcome you on our website! The Fischgut Primus Anlagenbau developed out of the established fishfarm "Fischgut Primus" which is grown in the Nineties to one of the most modern companies.

The Fischgut Primus Anlagenbau designs, constructs and installs its recirculationsystems, which are used successfully also by Fischgut Primus for more than 20 years.

We are your specialist in the field of aquaculture and can guide you from small hatcheries, through young fish systems to the bigger fattening systems. All recirculations are designed around the needs of the fish and equipped with our functional and innovative technology. We also can offer you schooling in reproduction techniques, raising and fattening the fish, handling the system components and also the processing and dressing of fish products.

It is also possible to commission us with a consulting with a phase of chaperonage up to 8 years after the installation of the system.